Iran: Activist Teacher Contracts COVID-19 in Evin Prison

International Liberty Association: Human rights activist and retired teacher, Nahid Fathalian, has contracted the corona virus at the women’s ward of the notorious Evin Prison, in Tehran.Ms. Fathalian needs to receive proper treatment, while her stay in prison would threaten the health of other prisoners in Women ward of Evin... Read More

Prison authorities deny medical care to prisoner Afshin Baymani

International Liberty Association: Afshin Baymani, a political prisoner, has been denied medical treatment despite experiencing heart complications.Mr Baymani has been refused to be transfered to a hospital outside the prison, although the prison doctors advised so. He was denied of medical treatment by Mr Vaziri, the Prosecutor’s... Read More

Iran: Appeals court sentence 7 political activists to prison

International Liberty Association: Tehran’s appeals court has sentenced Farangis Mazloom, Hood Yazarloo, Sediqeh Moradi, Mehdi Khavas Sefat and Mohammad Vali Gholamnezhad, five political activists to jail. According to the verdict recently issued and imparted, Ms. Farangis Mazloom was sentenced to to 18 months in jail on the charges... Read More

Mohammad Ashtiani, Has Been Denied Medical Treatment, in Karaj Prison

International Liberty Association: Political prisoner Mohammad Ashtiani was about to get suffocated in the absence of medical treatment.Low oxygen levels in the blood of political prisoner Mohammad Ashtiani was leading to his suffocation due to lack of medical treatment. Despite the low oxygen level in his blood, prison authorities... Read More

Details on the attack on Women Prisoners in Qarchak Prison

Iran: Garchak Prison International Liberty Association: According to the news from inside Iran, Qarchak prison guards attacked the prisoners on Sunday, 13 December this year. In this report we have received more details about this violent raid on women prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in notorious Qarchak... Read More

New Wave of Arrests to Fend off Iran Protests

International Liberty Association: According to the reports from Iran, the Intelligence Ministry of Iran has launched a new wave of arrests in Iran to fend off the outbreak of a spate of protests.A number of political prisoners were re-arrested or summoned over the past couple of weeks. One of those arrested is a young man suffering from... Read More

Neda Sabouri, Female Journalist, is Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison

International Liberty Association: Neda Sabouri, Female Journalist, is Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison. Tehran Province’s Revision Court upheld the sentence of 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment for a female journalist on the charge of “assembly and collusion.” Female journalist Neda Sabouri has been serving her sentence since 7... Read More

Iran: Seven Political Activists Sentenced to Prison

International Liberty Association: A revolutionary court in Tehran has sentenced seven political activists to prison. The verdict was issued by the Branch 29 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Seyyed Ali Mazloum.Farangis Masloumi was sentenced to 6 years, after being charged with “assembly and collusion to commit a crime... Read More

Critical Poet Arrested and Sent to Prison for One Year

International Liberty Association: Mostafa Badkoobei, Writer, critical Poet and former political prisoner, was arrested after he attended the law enforcement office at Evin court and was transferred to Great Tehran prison, to serve his imprisonment sentence, on Tuesday 2 June 2020. Mr Badkoobei is sentenced to 1-year imprisonment by the... Read More

Covid-19 threaten life of Political prisoners in Iran

International Liberty Association: Political prisoner Akbar Bagheri has been suffering from haemorrhage for three weeks and has become seriously weak. He is held in ward 5 of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary where COVID-19 suspected patients are held, and he is in danger of becoming infected. He has lost a lot of blood and needs blood... Read More

Warning Letter by Ahmad Shirani, prisoner, Regarding Corona crisis

International Liberty Association: An exiled political prisoner in Ardebil prison, Shirahmad Shirani, has written an open letter warning that political prisoners are not being granted leave and that they are at risk of death due to the spread of the Coronaviru in the country. The political prisoner has described the rejection of the... Read More

REUTERS: U.N. urges Iran to free political prisoners temporarily amid coronavirus

International Liberty Association: The Reuters has reported the U.N. rapporteur, Javaid Rehman’s concern about political prisoners in Iran and his call on Iran to free them temporarily amid coronavirus. The following is the Reuters report in this regard: GENEVA (Reuters) - The U.N. Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran said on... Read More

Iranian Political Activists Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Terms for Demanding Khamenei’s Resignation

International Liberty Association: A revolutionary court in Mashhad, northeast Iran, sentenced eight political activists to a total of 72 years in prison. The eight individuals, along with six others, wrote an open letter in 2019, for the dismissal of the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. The political activists Hashem Khastar, Abdol... Read More

Rohani’s Jailed Brother on Leave

Left - Hossein Fereydoon Rouhani, brother ofRohani's brother Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, sentenced to 5 years behind bars, received a leave in less than a week. Right - Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari, in jail for 25 years without one day of leave. Not even for his relatives'... Read More