Iran: 10 Sugarcane Workers Sentenced to Lashes For Protests

According to the news, Nine workers of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Factory in the south-western city of Shush were sentenced to eight months of prison and 30 lashes each. The sentences issued by the Branch 102 of the Shush Criminal Court. Ten workers were tried and nine of them were sentenced to prison and lashes and the last one was... Read More

Social Activist Sentenced To 24 Years Imprisonment for Protesting Compulsory Hijab

ran sentenced Saba Kord Afshari, a civil activist to 24 years behind bars of which she will serve 15 for protesting compulsory veiling. Saba Kord Afshari was tried on 19 August, 2019, and was charged with “spreading corruption and prostitution by taking off her hijab and walking without a veil,” “Propaganda against the state,”... Read More

Amnesty International Urges World to Protest Treatment of Arash Sadeghi

Amnesty International is urging people all over the world to protest the torture of a critically ill cancer patient and political prisoner being held in Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj. Arash Sadeghi, a human right defender, is being tortured by the Iranian authorities because they are purposefully denying him access to cancer treatment and... Read More

Farangis Mazloumi, mother of Soheil Arabi held incommunicado

Evin Prison’s authorities have banned all outside communications to family and friends of Farangis Mazloumi. Ms. Farangis Mazloumi had telephone calls with her family every Saturday. But unlike the routine process of the last three weeks, this week she was not allowed to make the telephone call. Prison authorities have issued a 300... Read More

Iran: More than 10 Arrested For Calling on Supreme Leader to Resign

The Iranian regime on 11 August, 2019, arrested Hashem Khastar, a teacher’s representative and a number of others who signed a letter asking for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to resign. They had gathered in front of a court in the north-eastern city of Mashhad to support another individual who has called on Khamenei to step down and pave... Read More

IRGC Continues Arbitrary Killing of Kurdish Porters

Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) have opened fire on porters, killing and wounding them. The security forces on Saturday, 19 August, opened fire on a group of porters (known as “Kolbar”), killing a young man, Reza Ebrahimi, and wounded another one. It should be mentioned that a young porter was shot and injured on Friday by the border... Read More