Support our friends' crowdfunding efforts

Many of our friends have joined us in raising funds for the aims of our charity. By clicking on each of the examples below, you will be guided to theirJustGiving pages where you will be able to contribute and assist them with meeting their targets.

I’m Imogen. I have been supporting ILA for many years especially the children, refugees and prisoners of conscience .ILA has managed to save thousands of lives, thanks to their dedication , selflessness and efficiency. By doing this walk 94 times, I am supporting ILA in preventing child soldiers , child brides and child labourers. Most of these children have lost their parents through execution, imprisonment or forced disappearance. I would be grateful if you could back me up in my fundraising for this wonderful cause.

Hi, I’m Connaire. At the age of 81 I want to do something good for the community, help those who need firewood, and help ILA be the voice and raise awareness about Iran’s destitute children.
I seek sponsors who will donate £5 to the Charity for each 4 Kg bag of saleable firewood that I produce, by cutting wood into small pieces ready for burning. There will be more than 100 sacks of 4Kg each. Why am I am doing this?
because children of Iran need to be heard through the work of ILA. We need to know about them and be their voice and also be the voice who tells them we care for them we love them, and that they are precious and important.

My name is Clifford. One of my main reasons for supporting ILA is its concern for the safety and wellbeing of children. 

I was lucky enough to have had a reasonably happy childhood despite relatively hard times after the war. But those times were positive in many ways and forward looking. It is a great loss for any child to have to grow up in conditions which are negative and oppressive.

One of the main reasons that I support ILA is that their efforts can give hope for the future to children and in time, to their children also. 

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.

Hi, I’m David. I’m doing this fundraising to support Iranian children. ILA does a great job in supporting people of Iran through breaking the wall of censorship and informing the world about what’s happening in Iran.
We are about to do a live-facebook stream in December.

This is me on a guitar, so Bohemian Rhapsody or Nessun Dorma are definitely out!

You don’t have to wait until the performance to start giving. These children need your help now.

I’m Martin and I am 84 years old and have planned a challenge 10 weeks cycling 80 miles per week (800 Miles in 10 weeks) to raise money supporting the work of ILA to support future of children in Iran whose parents were executed and are at threat of being used as child soldiers. I usually cycle about 50 miles a week nowadays, and at this age, and with many family troubles and ailments this is a difficult, yet very encouraging and uplifting challenge for me and I have gone beyond my physical limits to do as I can have an impact in the lives of women and children of Iran whom I have supported throughout years.

My name is Steve. My goal is to walk 50,000 paces per week. I have the start osteoarthritis and although this exercise will help, it is a difficult venture for me. I do a fair amount of walking normally, but I have upped my target in support of ILA by 50 percent. I will post my progress, and possibly videos, towards my target of 200,000 paces.

International Liberty Association do wonderful work to help women and children who are subjected to appalling abuses and have saved thousands of lives due to their selflessness and resourcefulness.

I’m Rosalind. At the age of 74, I have pledged 200 hours over the next two months to clear a friend’s flat which has been unoccupied since death of their mother.  A number of difficulties including the emotional state of the family have meant that they have been unable to undertake this task.

It’s a major undertaking: moving everything out; then a lot of scrubbing and sweeping; though it’s as nothing compared to the stand taken and sacrifices made by extraordinary people in Iran who are challenging the evils of the current regime.  I want to be their voice and inspire them through supporting the ILA.

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I am challenging myself with reading Four books every week which is a big test even for my reading habits.

As someone who is inspired by books I felt I want to be a voice for women like Golrokh Iraee. She was an accountant in Tehran, imprisoned only for writing an unpublished story about stoning women that was confiscated during a raid on her home. Her brave stance during six years touched me and I want to share her dream for Iranian women freely expressing themselves, and exploring their passion of writing, reading, sports, music and professions.

My name is David. I’ve put Couch Potato stomach on and want to do a 5K run over 8 weeks. I want my challenge to have a meaning for lives of children in Iran. Most of these children have lost their parents through execution, imprisonment or forced disappearance. I can not think of a better Charity than ILA to do this for and to keep me motivated.
I have been supporting refugees, women and children of Iran, for more than 10 years. When I came across International Liberty Association, I met volunteers who have dedicated many years of their lives to help those in need in Iran.

My name is Mary. I will personally triple the donation of any donor who guesses the exact number of marbles in the jar. In the event of a tie, I will triple the donations of up to three winners. If there is no winner, I will triple the donation of the person with the closest guess to the number of marbles, provided that there are more than five donors, and again, in the event of a tie for closest number, I will triple the donations with a personal cheque in either UK pounds or US dollars. PLEASE include your e-mail address AND the number of marbles you think are in the jar on the donation site, so that I can pay out your winnings! Good Luck!!! If you want to guess more than one number, just donate again! No donation is too small.

If you were interested to set up your own fundraising initiative, please get in touch.

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