Help us to save Elham Afkari

Elham Afkari, is a young woman from the city of Shiraz and the mother of a three year old daughter.

Her family has suffered immensly under this regime. In September 2020 her brother, Navid Afkari, who was a wrestling champion in Iran, was executed  for taking part in protests.

Elham was outspoken in seeking justice for Navid, as well as her other brother (Habib seen in the picture) who is still in solitary confinement.

Their mother has become widely known for her courage, bravery and the ordeal she went through.

Elham and her brother Habib Afkari
Elham Afkari in a police van when arrested
Bahieh Namjoo, mother of Elham and slain wrestling champion Navid Afkari

On Thursday morning, 10th of November 2022, Elham Afkari was arrested by the security forces in Shiraz.

She is reportedly detained in No. 100, the notorious detention center of the Intelligence Department of Shiraz.

Her 3 year old daughter is terrified and wants her mother back.

Liana, daughter of Elham Afkari