International Liberty Association is a registered Charity (1160607) set up with the aim of promoting a respect for human rights in Iran and the Middle East, at the same time as assisting the victims of such abuses.

It aims to campaign on behalf of, as well as provide support and assistance to those imprisoned or otherwise detained due to their gender, political, religious or otherwise consciously held belief. In particular, it will work to support and promote the rights of children, women and religious minorities who face systematic discrimination and brutal oppression.

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Dedicated volunteers and supporters throughout UK who devote their time, passion, skills, creativity and funds to the cause of human rights

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The world would be much safer for our children and grandchildren if we would stand up against human rights abuses.

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Lack of Justice

Iran’s judicial system remains among the most brutal in the world. The Iranian regime executes more people per capita than any other country. It carries out more total executions than any nation but China, whose population is over 17 times that of Iran’s. Tehran continues to target political dissidents and ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities for execution. We need to end this barbarity and focus on exposing the regime’s inhumane behaviour.

Child marriage

Iran has laws that condone the marriage of children at the age of thirteen and make it more difficult for wives to divorce their husbands. This combination of laws forces women to feel inferior to men and out of control in their personal lives; however, the laws are still in existence because the regime suppresses the society through such laws. Thousands of children in Iran are coerced into military service. Many are maimed or killed, some are sexually abused and many survivors take their own lives.

1988 Massacre

In the final days of July 1988, a massacre was orchestrated in the political prisons of Iran. The Iranian regime summarily and extra-judicially executed over 30,000 political prisoners held in jails across Iran. The bloodbath was launched based on a dateless decree (fatwa) with the stamp and signature of Khomeini. Calls to arrest the Iranian regime’s president for genocide and crimes against humanity has been echoed all over UK and beyond.

Women in Iran

Discrimination and barbaric oppression are indispensable to the mullahs’ worldview and policies. They continue to arrest women in the streets, as a vital part of the campaign to control society and impose repression. In February 2020, during an en masse hanging in Gohardasht Prison, west of Tehran, one of the victims, Zahra Esmaeeli, a mother of two, died from a heart attack after seeing 16 others hanged before she was. Nevertheless, the henchmen still hanged her dead body.

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