Be a Beacon of Change: Leave a Legacy to Eradicate Human Rights Abuses and Empower Women in Iran

Introduction: Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to the International Liberty Association (ILA), a beacon of change committed to eradicating human rights abuses, empowering women, supporting religious minorities, and ending impunity for the Iranian regime. Your enduring impact will resonate through generations, fostering a future where dignity, equality, and justice prevail for all.

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Ending Human Rights Abuses:

  • Tackling Torture and Execution: Your legacy will significantly contribute to ILA’s relentless pursuit of ending torture and execution. By supporting our initiatives, you stand at the forefront of the fight against these egregious violations, advocating for justice, transparency, and accountability.
  • Investigating Crimes Against Humanity: Legacy gifts enable ILA to support investigations into crimes against humanity committed by the Iranian regime. Your contribution helps shine a light on human rights abuses, promoting accountability and ending impunity for those responsible.

Over 30,000 political prisoners were executed in the summer of 1988

Empowering Women Against Misogyny:

  • Gender Equality Programs: Your legacy empowers ILA to intensify its gender equality programs, challenging and dismantling systemic misogyny. By supporting education, vocational training, and awareness campaigns, we strive to create an environment where women are respected, valued, and free from gender-based discrimination.

Supporting Religious Minorities:

  • Protection and Advocacy: Your legacy aids ILA in providing protection and advocacy for religious minorities in Iran. By addressing discrimination and persecution, we work towards a society that respects and celebrates religious diversity, fostering harmony among different communities.
  • Educational Initiatives: ILA’s legacy-driven educational initiatives focus on promoting understanding and tolerance among diverse religious communities. Your contribution helps break down barriers, fostering an inclusive society where religious minorities can practice their faith without fear of persecution.

Children brainwashed to become child soldiers and to be dispatched to Syria or Iraq or other countries to fight for the regime

Educating Children Against Child Marriage and Child Soldiers:

  • Eradicating Child Marriage: Your legacy supports ILA’s educational programs that actively work to eradicate the deeply rooted issue of child marriage. By empowering young girls with education and awareness, we aim to break the cycle of oppressive traditions and provide opportunities for a brighter future.
  • Preventing Child Soldier Recruitment: ILA is dedicated to breaking the cycle of child soldier recruitment. Your legacy will fund programs that provide education and alternatives, ensuring children are not exploited for violence and armed conflict.

How Your Legacy Will Make a Difference:

By leaving a legacy to ILA, you champion the cause of justice, equality, and human rights. Your enduring commitment empowers us to expand our impact, advocate for those in need, and create lasting change in the lives of women, religious minorities, and children affected by human rights abuses in Iran.

Contact Us: For more information on leaving a legacy gift and how your contribution can specifically impact our initiatives, please contact us at Your dedication to creating lasting change is a beacon of hope for a future where liberty and justice prevail in Iran.

Thank you for Being a Catalyst for Change through Your Legacy to International Liberty Association. Together, we can build a future where every individual in Iran enjoys fundamental rights, regardless of gender, religion, or background, and where impunity for human rights abuses is brought to an end.

Keep your human values alive forever

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