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International Liberty Association trustee:

“We have no concerns but better international society, where Human Rights are respected all around the world, torture is belonged to the histories, and then we are proud of our human beings.” ******* Our experience of many years ensures us that with our willing we can make significant changes like: relocating more than 3,000 refugees from a life threatening place to a safe place, deduction of death penalty to imprisonment sentences for human rights activists, and release of prisoners of conscience.

What will happen with your legacy?

Will help to reduce Death Sentences Torturers will be brought to justice Will help to protect the Cultures and Minorities Will help Children go to school instead of work and forced marriage While our volunteers’ hard working in addition to your generous help and financial support makes so great changes, what better than leaving a legacy to ILA, helping us to carry on such a superb optimization? To protect the human rights now and ever update your will and empower us to carry out what you wish for human rights for everyone in everywhere.

With your help we have saved lives for many years and now:

with a gift in your Will you will be present in our all future activities.

How can your legacy help:

Campaign for preventing child marriages
Campaign for stopping execution
Campaign for saving prisoners of conscience
Campaign for Broadcasting Public awareness and highlighting Human Right crisis and violations

Keep your human values alive forever

Any questions:

Happy to help if you have any questions regarding Wills and leaving a legacy gift to ILA, please contact us.


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