Details on the attack on Women Prisoners in Qarchak Prison

Details on the attack on Women Prisoners in Qarchak Prison

Published by on December 20, 2020
Iran: Garchak Prison

International Liberty Association: According to the news from inside Iran, Qarchak prison guards attacked the prisoners on Sunday, 13 December this year. In this report we have received more details about this violent raid on women prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in notorious Qarchak Prison.

According to this report, the new warden of Qarchak, Soghra Khodadadi along with at least 20 male and female guards attacked women prisoners of conscience and political prisoners detained in Ward 8 of Qarchak prison.

The raid took place at lunch time, while the prisoners did not have suitable outfit to encounter male guards. The prisoners of the Ward 8 were all beaten and harassed with batons and stun guns by the anti-riot guards.

Among the prisoners, Zahra Safaei, Parastoo Mo’ini, Forough Taghipour, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, and several other political prisoners were badly injured.

The guards who had badly brutalized Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee finally dragged her by force out of the ward to be transferred to Ward 2A of Evin Prison.

Reports indicate that the telephones in Ward 8 were disconnected from Saturday until Tuesday, to prevent the news of this attack on prisoners from leaking out.

Families of prisoners went to the prison in person to get news of their loved ones but they were falsely told that the prisoners did not want to have visitations.

During the guards’ raid on the Ward 8, the prisoners in other wards banged on the walls and chanted “death to the dictator.”

Following the attack on women prisoners in the Ward 8, no medical care and treatment were provided to the inmates who were badly injured.

ILA: The new warden of Qarchak Prison, Soghra Khodadadi, has increased pressure on political prisoners since taking office.

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