Captain Rat's Hot Jug & Spasm Orchestra in support of ILA

My name is Max. I am 80 years old and have been a supporter of ILA for about 20 years. Their cause is one of the most important that I have knowledge of, not only because of the injustice and oppression that the Iranian populace have to suffer daily, but that the international consequences of the ruling Iranian Regime’s interference in Middle East politics is the primary cause of the instability and suffering occurring throughout this region, and other Islamic fundamentalist areas.

For nearly all my life I have been an amateur jazz and blues musician using various instruments in my pursuit of playing the 30s to 50s styles of folk jazz and blues, with some small measure of success. Using home portastudios I have multi-tracked a wide range of tunes and spirituals, and made up CDs from selections of the results.

Using ‘ExpressBurn’ for finalization to ensure playability of the products I have fifty each of special selections which I would like to sell for fundraising purposes. I would like to ask for £15 for each CD, which includes post and packaging for the UK. I can be most easily contacted by email at or by landline telephone on 01354 695696 to discuss requirement and payment options for outside the UK. I will need your contact details for immediate despatch of the product. Payment will be direct to ILA via BACS or PayPal or Credit Card. For those unable to use these facilities, please advise when using a cheque to ILA via mail. Enclose a cover note reference ‘MAX’S CR CD’.

Many thanks. Max Emmons

CD contents:

1. Delta Bound

2. Jazzin’ Babies

3. Pretty Audrey

4. Glory of Love

5. Mahogany Hall Stomp

6. *Careless Love

7. I feel like going to town

8. Someday Sweetheart

9. *When Did You Leave Heaven

10. Rosetta

11. Snag it

12. Shake, Rattle and Roll

13. *Milenburg Joys

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Payable to: International Liberty Association

Churchill House

120 Bunns Lane

London NW7 2AS