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International Liberty Association is a registered Charity (1160607) set up with the aim of promoting a respect for human rights in Iran and the Middle East, at the same time as assisting the victims of such abuses.

It aims to campaign on behalf of, as well as provide support and assistance to those imprisoned or otherwise detained due to their gender, political, religious or otherwise consciously held belief. In particular, it will work to support and promote the rights of children, women and religious minorities who face systematic discrimination and brutal oppression.

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Martyrs of November Protests in Iran

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According to International Liberty Association, a woman who defended herself against rape was hanged this week in Iran. Somayyeh Shahbazi Jahrouei, 33, had been imprisoned for six years. She had committed murder in self-defense against rape. Many of the women convicted of murder in Iran are themselves victims of violence and have killed in self-defense.

International Liberty Association: Ashargh Al-Awsat has published Mr. Boris Johnson, the Prime Ministers opinion on Iran recent protests. This is an excerpt of the news and you can read full article at; https://aawsat.com/english/home/article/2021856/british-pm-iran-protests-sign-real-popular-dissatisfaction

International Liberty Association: According to human rights news agency, Moin Hajizadeh, Raha Ahmadi, Leila (Khadijeh) Mirghafari, Armin Sourani, Mohammad Abolhasani, Saman Zandian, and Vahid Ghadirzadeh were sentenced to 29 years imprisonment, combined. On 10 November, 2019, they were tried at the Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Abolghasem Salavati. Saman Zandian and Moin Hajizadeh were sentenced to eight years in

An 80 year old woman was flogged in the Khoy Judiciary in northwestern Iran and was then immediately taken to prison despite her poor condition, a Kurdish human rights group said. Salbi Marandi was lashed 70 times and was unable to move after the flogging sentence was carried out on November 28. She was taken to Khoy prison to serve her eight month prison term.

The Iran IRGC forces opened fire on a group of protesters in the marshlands of Mahshahr in the southwest Khuzestan Province. The reports from the city come after Iran lifted an almost complete internet blackout which the authorities implemented to hide the scope of their brutal crackdown on protests. The internet is still off in Mahshahr in Iran’s southwest.

International Liberty Association reports from human rights organisation that: “An unarmed civilian and mother of three young children, Ameneh Shahbazi, was killed by a bullet as she was trying to help a person shot in the leg during a protest, her brother, Mohammad Shahbazi, said in an interview. Her death certificate indicated that she had died from a shattered skull but in fact a bullet had broken her neck, Mohammad said.

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