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International Liberty Association is a registered Charity (1160607) set up with the aim of promoting a respect for human rights in Iran and the Middle East, at the same time as assisting the victims of such abuses. It aims to campaign on behalf of, as well as provide support and assistance to those imprisoned or otherwise detained due to their gender, political, religious or otherwise consciously held belief. In particular, it will work to support and promote the rights of children, women and religious minorities who face systematic discrimination and brutal oppression.  

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Iran: Teenager Sentenced To 100 Lashes The Iran Judiciary sentenced a 17 year old boy to 100 lashes for an alleged crime. According to ROKNA, Ramin said he had not abused the 11 year old boy and the boy’s parents retracted their lawsuit against him. But Tehran Criminal court sentenced Ramin to 100 lashes on 15 July.

Ten prisoners, including a woman, were executed during a week, in different cities. Two of the victims were hanged in public. The woman was hanged in the Prison of Noshahr, in northern Iran, on Wednesday, 17 July, 2019. According to the state-run news agency, IRNA, the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Kelardasht, Seyyed Farzad Hosseini, announced the execution of this 43-year-old woman in the Prison of Noshahr.

Iran Judiciary Spokesman Claims: No Political Prisoners in Iran Gholamhossein Esmaili, spokesman for Iran’s Judiciary, says there are no political prisoners in Iran. Gholamhossein Esmaili made the claim at a live televised program, after being asked about the recent death of a political prisoner murdered in Tehran’s notorious Fashafuyeh Prison and why political prisoners were not separated from ordinary criminals. Esmaili said; “Those who sometimes claim (to be political prisoners) are those who have committed crimes against security”.

Iran: “House Search & Summons for Baha’is” Iran continues to harass Baha’is, members of a religious minority that has experienced decades of discrimination and suppression Iran. Recently the security forces inspected the houses of nine Baha’is, in Shahin Shahr, Isfahan Province, in central Iran, which is an example of persecution against the Baha’i religious minority members. A group of seven agents, who carried out the inspections, confiscated their personal belongings such as their mobile phones, Laptops, tablets, receivers, books, personal photos. In some homes, their ID and work appliances have also been confiscated.

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