The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns the execution of a child in Iran

International Liberty Association: According to the OHCHR (UN), website, The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday condemned the second execution of a child offender in Iran.GENEVA (22 April) – The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday condemned the second execution of a... Read More

Iran Hangs Juvenile Offender Shayan Saeedpour

International Liberty Association: A juvenile offender was executed by Iranian authorities in Saqqez prison, in Kurdestan province, western Iran. Shayan Saeedpour was arrested at 17, after surrendering himself at a police station for the murder during a fight in August 2015. In October 2018 branch One of Kurdistan’s criminal court... Read More

UN Experts Call For ‘Immediate Release’ Of Political Prisoners In Iran

International Liberty Association: according to the OHCHR website, UN human rights experts called on Iran to expand its temporary release of thousands of detainees to include prisoners of conscience and dual and foreign nationals still being held despite the serious risk of COVID-19 infection. The country has been hit hard by COVID-19,... Read More

Soheil Arabi, Jaild Journalist, returns after 6 days of IRGC interrogation

International Liberty Association: Soheil Arabi was returned to the Greater Tehran Penitentiary from the IRGC’s detention centre.In response to the threats made by his interrogators to silence him, Soheil Arabi said: “This is the era of communications. It is not the 1980s when you executed thousands of people and nobody found out.... Read More

Iran: More Than 36 Prisoners Killed in Prison Riots

International Liberty Association: According to Human rights sources have identified more prisoners killed by security forces in Ahvaz prison riots over fears of contracting the coronavirus. The state security forces responded to the rioting related to coronavirus, in prisons across the country late March by firing live ammunition and... Read More

My Family Wants Me to Stay Home Because of the Coronavirus. But As a Doctor, It’s My Duty to Save Lives

International Liberty Association: This is an article written by Dr Sarah Roanel, 34 a cardiologist st Maimonides Medical Centre in Brooklyn, N. Y. The article is published by the TIME, and you can find it at the link below: The scariest thing about... Read More

The Observer: No water, no soap and crowded cells: COVID-19 fears spark riots in Iran’s prisons

Photo: The Observer International Liberty Association: The Observer, France24, has reported Iran Prisons’ condition after Coronavirus outbreak in this country. To read full reports please click here. Official state media have reported riots at numerous prisons, noting one death - in Khorramabad in western Lorestan province on March 19 -... Read More

Iran: Whistleblower Doctor Prosecutes for Unravelling the State Cover-up

International Liberty Association: According to human rights defenders in Iran, Iran has prosecuted a doctor for warning about the Coronavirus outbreak. Rahim Yousefpour from Saqqez in Iranian Kurdistan Province was summoned by judicial authorities. He has to report in on Sunday, 5 April 2020. In a video shared online, Dr Rahim... Read More

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: We are horrified at the death of a juvenile (in Iran)

Photo: UN News International Liberty Association: Mr Rupert Colville, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Spokesperson, has reported about the condition of human rights in Iran and has emphasised the death of a juvenile in Iran prison. the following is the reported, which has been taken from the OHCR website. Returning to Iran, we are... Read More

Iran: Horrific Death of a Juvenile Under Torture

International Liberty Association: Danial Zeinol-Abedini, a juvenile in death row, was killed under torture in a western Iran prison before being executed. Following the riot in prison on Sunday, 29 March 2020, Danial Zeinol-Abedini and several other prisoners accused of instigating the riots were transferred to solitary confinement. ... Read More

Appeals Court Upholds 40 Years And 6 Months Prison Sentences for Civil Activists

International Liberty Association: The appeals court has sentenced four civil activists to a total of 40 years and 6 months imprisonment for calling for the resignation of Iran Supreme Leader. They have been banned from leaving the country for two years and face a two-year exile. It should be mentioned that Hashem Khastar, a prominent... Read More

Warning Letter by Ahmad Shirani, prisoner, Regarding Corona crisis

International Liberty Association: An exiled political prisoner in Ardebil prison, Shirahmad Shirani, has written an open letter warning that political prisoners are not being granted leave and that they are at risk of death due to the spread of the Coronaviru in the country. The political prisoner has described the rejection of the... Read More

AP: Crammed in filthy cells, political prisoners fear infection

(AP Photo/Arash Ashourinia, File) International Liberty Association: This is about a report by MAGGIE MICHAEL, SARAH EL DEEB and LEE KEATH published by Associated Press about the frightening situation of the prisoners in Iran, particularly prisoners of consciences, human rights defenders and political prisoners. For a full report please... Read More