Bachelet urges Iran to focus on addressing the water crisis in Khuzestan rather than crushing protests

International Liberty Association: GENEVA (23 July 2021) – The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Friday called on the Iranian authorities to concentrate on taking urgent action to address the chronic water shortage in the province of Khuzestan, rather than using ILA: excessive force and widespread arrests to... Read More

Majid Asadi and Mohammad Banazadeh, prisoners of conscience, released.

International Liberty Association: Following widespread and exposing campaigns against human rights abuses in Iran and for the release of prisoners of conscience, and following large and explicit online conferences from July 10 to 12, prisoners of conscience Majid Asadi and Mohammad Banazadeh, who had been tortured for years in prison,... Read More

Hundreds of people have also been arrested during the protests, some who have been sentenced to prison or have Died. the Islamic Republic of Iran has not yet given exact details.

International Liberty Association - According to reports from Iran, Manouchehr Bakhtiari, the father of Pouya Bakhtiari, 27 who was killed in November 2019 mass protests in Iran, was convicted of litigation and pursuing the case of his son’s death to 3.5 years in prison and a two-year banned to leave the country. In a phone call, he... Read More

The new ‘President’ leaves his mark on his Judiciary post before leaving it

International Liberty Association: The notorious new ‘President’ of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi - infamous for his role in the ‘Death Commission’ who ordered the killing of thousands of prisoners in the summer of 1988 - left a damning mark on his post as Chief of Judiciary before leaving it. The new ILA: bylaws for the Legal Bill has... Read More

Prison sentence for Bahai Iranian, champion of women’s motocross

International Liberty Association: On 21-06-2021 Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran upheld an eight year prison sentence for Baha’i citizen, women’s motocross champion, Shahrzad Nazifi. Nazifi was previously sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison, 4 hours of community service a day for 3 months, and a 2-year ban... Read More

International Liberty Association – New case against an imprisoned writer.

International Liberty Association: On Tuesday, 30 June 2021, Bektash Abtin, an imprisoned member of the Writers' Association of Iran, was summoned for interrogation by Branch 4 of Evin’s Prosecutor Office. The new case against Mr Abtin is made in connection with the publication of ILA: news of his Covid infection in prison. Mr Abtin... Read More