Covid disaster in Iran – young doctors and
nurses die due to the virus or hard work

International Liberty Association: According to Iran’s state media eight young medical Residents have died suddenly in Iran ILA: since March 2021. Dr. Sogand Sedaghatnia, a cardiology Resident at Imam Hossein Hospital in Tehran, died suddenly due to a stroke. She worked in the COVID-19 emergency centre which is more crowded than... Read More

Nurse infected with the corona virus dies after giving birth

International Liberty Association: According to Iran’s state media, a nurse died of the Coronavirus on 2 and of August at Mehr Hospital in Ahvaz. Afsaneh Ehsani, 26, died after giving birth to her baby due to shortness of ILA: breath caused by the illness. She had contracted the virus while working as a nurse at the same hospital.... Read More

Man goes on trial in Sweden for 1988 prison massacre in Iran

International Liberty Association: Demonstrators gathered outside a court in Stockholm on Tuesday 10 August, to protest against the Tehran government on the opening day of the trial of a 60-year-old Iranian suspected of war crimes and murder, Swedish news agency TT reported. ILA: According to Reuters, Hamid Noury has been in custody in... Read More

A driver ran over two women with his car after accusing them of mal-veiling

International Liberty Association :On Sunday 8 August, in the city of Urumieh, north-eastern Iran, a zealot attacked two women for their veiling which he deemed to be inappropriate. The regime has sanctioned such attacks by allowing zealots to take the punishment in their hands under the pretext of “encouraging ILA: good and preventing... Read More

Iran: Executes Young Man Arrested at 15

International Liberty Association: Iranian authorities have secretly executed Sajad Sanjari, a juvenile offender imprisoned in Diezelabad Prison in Kermanshah, according to Amnesty International. The child offender was 15 years old at the time of his arrest and spent more than a decade in prison. Amnesty International issued a statement... Read More

29,698 of underaged girls registered for marriage

International Liberty Association: Marriages of 23,698 Iranian girls between 10-14 years of age registered in nine months in 2020. A local website, the Campaign of Baluch Activists, announced on July 2, 2021 that a 13-year-old girl, Hadiseh Sepahi lost her life while giving birth in the city of Saravan. Hadiseh Sepahi ILA: had been... Read More