Iran: child offender executed in northern Iran

A child offender was hanged on 28 July, 2019 in a prison in the northern province of Mazandaran for the alleged murder of a man during a fight at the age of 16. According to a human rights group, the 22 year old man identified as Touraj Qasemi had been detained for the past six years in Nour Prison. The report said that at the age of 16,... Read More

Sentence against Civil Activist Upheld by Tehran Appeals Court

Sentence against Civil Activist Upheld by Tehran Appeals Court. The flogging and prison sentence of a civil rights activist was upheld by a Tehran appeals court. The branch 36 of Tehran’s Appeals Court has upheld 74 lashes and a six-year prison sentence for Sepideh Farhan, graduate of architecture and a civil activist on accusation of... Read More

Iran: Senior official defends 1988 Massacre of Prisoners in Iran

Mostafa Pourmohammadi, former judiciary minister in the cabinet of Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, blatantly defended the mass execution of political prisoners in 1988. When asked by the state-run Mosalas Magazine about the 1988 mass executions and the “slander” directed at the regime for the massacre, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, who... Read More

Iran: Two Female Prisoners Executed at Urmia Central Prison

Iranian authorities executed two women on Tuesday, 23 July, 2019, in the north-western city of Urmia. These prisoners, identified as “Arasteh Ranjbar” and “Nazdar Vatankhah,” were sent to solitary confinement on Monday. According to reports, both had already spent 15 years in prison on the charges of murder and complicity in... Read More

Iran: Ministry of Intelligence Agents Arrest Political Prisoner’s Mother

Ministry of intelligence agents arrested a political prisoner’s mother during a raid on Monday. Farangis Mazloumi, mother of Soheil Arabi, a prominent political prisoner was arrested and taken to an unknown location on Monday 22 July, after eight intelligence agents raided her sister’s home. They seize Farangis Mazloumi and her... Read More

Prisoner Dies of Medical Negligence in Custody

Prisoner Dies of Medical Negligence in Custody A prisoner held at Urmia Central Prison, northwest Iran, died on 8 July as a result of the prison authorities’ medical negligence. Ashkan Mehrivash passed away on Monday, 8 July, because the prison’s defibrillator was not working. Ashkan, detained in Ward 15 of Urmia Prison, was taken... Read More