Amnesty International Calls Iran to Release Tortured Protesters

International Liberty Association: Amnesty International has issued a call for global pressure on the Iranian authorities, including the head of the judiciary, to release Navi Afkari’s brothers Vahid and Habib Afkari.The human rights organization declared on Monday, 7 June, that Habib and Vahid Afkari must be held in conditions meeting... Read More

Iran: Activist Teacher Contracts COVID-19 in Evin Prison

International Liberty Association: Human rights activist and retired teacher, Nahid Fathalian, has contracted the corona virus at the women’s ward of the notorious Evin Prison, in Tehran.Ms. Fathalian needs to receive proper treatment, while her stay in prison would threaten the health of other prisoners in Women ward of Evin... Read More

Atena Daemi Demands Unconditional release of Prisoners of Conscience an Political Prisoners in Iran

International Liberty Association: According to the reports from Lakan Prison, in Rasht Atena Daemi sent a message out of the prison rejecting the authorities’ offer of asking for an amnesty, and said: I believe that unconditional release is the right of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. The following is the... Read More

Saba Kord Afshari in Critical Health Condition Due to Hunger Strike

International Liberty Association: Women’s Rights Activist, Saba Kord Afshari, is in critical health condition due to hunger strike as she has started on 8 May this year.ILA has previously reported that, women’s rights activist, Saba Kord Afshari went on hunger strike since 8 May to protest the increasing pressure on the families of... Read More

Women’s Ward of Tabriz Prison Ramps up Pressure on Prisoners

International Liberty Association: A recent report from the women’s ward of Tabriz Prison has revealed horrible conditions in which female inmates are detained in this prison.The women’s ward of the Central Prison of Tabriz was transferred to a new place on 3 April 2021. The new ward has two floors. The lower floor houses the... Read More

Civil Activist, Saba Kord Afshari on Hunger Strike

International Liberty Association: Saba Kord Afshari has started a hunger strike since Saturday, May 8, 2021, to protest increasing pressure on her family and the families of other political prisoners. She demands that her mother, Raheleh Ahmadi, be released from Evin Prison.Saba Kord Afshari has several times suffered stomach ulcer... Read More

Inhuman Treatment of Prisoners in Iran Prisons

International Liberty Association: Recent reports from various Iranian prisons reveal the inhuman treatment of prisoners in the women’s wards.The authorities of the Central Prison of Tabriz called back 32-year-old Ameneh Rahimi to prison after the expiration of her leave despite her becoming paralyzed due to a stroke during her prison... Read More

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Sentenced to Another Year in Prison

International Liberty Association: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been sentenced to one more year in prison and also travel ban for one year. She has been accused of propaganda against the Iran authorities. Her lawyer, , said she was accused of taking part in a protest in London 12 years ago. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said... Read More

Christian Convert Released with Leave Until the End of His Sentence

David- Suzanci International Liberty Association: Majid (David) Suzanchi Kashani, a Christian convert, told Minority News Agency that, “I will not return to prison due to the length of this leave, and in fact it is a leave leading to release and the end of the sentence.”Majid Suzanchi Kashani has been imprisoned since 2017. During... Read More

Prison authorities deny medical care to prisoner Afshin Baymani

International Liberty Association: Afshin Baymani, a political prisoner, has been denied medical treatment despite experiencing heart complications.Mr Baymani has been refused to be transfered to a hospital outside the prison, although the prison doctors advised so. He was denied of medical treatment by Mr Vaziri, the Prosecutor’s... Read More

UN expert: Women and girls continue to be treated as second class citizens in Iran

International Liberty Association: On 9 March, The UN Special Rapporteur, Javid Rehman, reported to the Human Rights Council, citing domestic violence, thousands of marriages of girls aged between 10 and 14 each year and continuing entrenched discrimination in law and practice. The following is a part of this report, but for the full... Read More

Iran: Jailed activist transferred to psychiatric hospital

Ali Nouri International Liberty Association: Ali Nouri, a civil activist held in Evin Prison was transferred to Aminabad Psychiatric Hospital last week, on Wednesday, instead of being taken to a hospital. Prison authorities had promised to take him to a regular hospital to receive treatment following his health condition over the last... Read More

Kachouii Prison authorities deny medical treatment to Monireh Arabshahi

Monireh Arabshahi International Liberty Association: Latest reports indicate that Kachouii Prison authorities have refused to grant medical leave to Monireh Arabshahi who is suffering from thyroid malfunction and needs to be operated. In mid-December, when Mrs. Arabshahi had a swollen throat and had difficulty breathing, doctors said... Read More

Iran: An Ahwazi Arab Minority Prisoner, Tortured and Executed

International Liberty Association: Iranian authorities tortured and executed an Ahwazi Arab minority prisoner in south-west of Iran.Ahwazi Arab prisoner, Jasem Heydari, was executed along with three other prisoners on 28 Sunday February. Jasem Heydari was convicted of “armed insurrection” (baghi) by the Revolutionary Court in... Read More