Women in Front Line of Straggle for Human Rights

Women in Front Line of Straggle for Human Rights

Published by on January 20, 2020

International Liberty Association: Women have a leading role in anti-government rallies in Iran.
New course of protest rallies started in Iran, on Saturday, 11 January, 2020, in protest to the shoot-down of the Ukrainian passenger aircraft by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). The security forces tried to disperse the protesters by using teargas and shooting people, which led to wounding several people in Tehran on Sunday night.

Referring to the leading role of women, protesters were led by women, and were in groups when the gathering started in Azadi Square in Tehran, the capital, wearing masks and scarves to hide their identities, confronting riot police and officers in plain clothes, on Sunday, 11 January.

The security forces used teargas to disperse the protesters, but they were shouting “For so many years of crimes, down with this wilayat [Iran’s theocratic system of government]”

It has been reported that, the crowd rushed away from the teargas but continued chanting, and security forces started to fire compact and hard black bullets, a form of non-lethal ammunition.

The crowd dispersed after security forces began shooting bullets that were aimed at heads.

ILA: During all these protests women have a leading role in forming the protests and chanting slogans.

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