29 children among 1,500 Killed During November 2019 Iran Protests

29 children among 1,500 Killed During November 2019 Iran Protests

Published by on January 6, 2020

Iran brutally cracked down on nationwide protests that erupted on November 16 after the government tripled the price of gasoline. At least 1,500 protesters were killed, around 4,000 were wounded and injured and 12,000 were detained. Many of the detainees are under torture and several have died in prison.

Children killed during Iran protests, who have been identified so far, include:

  1. Amir Hossein Dadvand, 17
  2. Sasan Eidivandi, 17
  3. Mohammad Javad Abedi, 17
  4. Armin Ghaderi, 15
  5. Hesam Barani Rad, 17
  6. Arvin Ranin, 17
  7. Aryan Rajabi, 17
  8. Arya, 17
  9. Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, 17
  10. Seyed Ahmad Mousavi Ja’valeh, 17
  11. Mohsen Albu Ali, 17
  12. Reza Neisi, 16
  13. Mohammad Barihi, 17
  14. Mojahed Jamei, 17
  15. Ahmad Albu Ali, 17
  16. Ahma Khajeh Albu Ali, 17
  17. Mohsen Mohammadpour, 17
  18. Ali Ghazlavi, 12
  19. Khaled Ghazlavi, 16
  20. Mohsen Mohammadpour, 17
  21. Mohammad Hossein Dastankhah, 15
  22. Alireza Ostovan, 17
  23. Javad Babai, 15
  24. Nikta Esfandani, 14
  25. Mehdi Valipour, 16
  26. Arash Kohzadi, 16
  27. Alireza Nouri, 17
  28. Amir Reza Abdollahi, 13
  29. Ali Mousavi, 12

The crime against humanity, which began with the massacre of unarmed and defenceless protesters in November, is continuing with mass and arbitrary arrests, torture and disposing of prisoners, harassing thousands of families by keeping them in the dark about the fate of their children, cutting off communication, and blocking information. The regime will construe silence and inaction as a green light to continue and intensify its crimes against humanity.

ILA along with other Human Rights Organisations urge the UN Security Council, and the international community to take urgent action to immediately halt the murder and suppression of the protesters.

International Liberty Association urges the United Nations to quickly dispatch fact-finding missions to Iran. The officials must face justice for perpetrating crimes against humanity and Iran protests massacre. Silence and inaction are both a violation of international conventions, laws and standards, and embolden the regime to continue its crimes.

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