Water crisis in Iran

Water crisis in Iran

Published by on July 4, 2018

Iranian people are suffering from the severe water shortage crisis as one of their super challenges, considering the importance of this subject.

Mehr news agency reports less than 40 present of Iran’s 66 large dams to have water these days. Furthermore, more than 80 percent of the country’s wetlands have dried, now becoming fountains of enormous dust storms across the country.

Among 116 countries Iran is ranked 14th in the water crisis.

The water level in the wetlands of Anzali has dropped from 14 meters to a mere 60 centimetres.

In the next 25 years, Iran’s eastern and southern regions will be completely empty of any residents and regime officials are saying 50 million people will have to migrate.

The number of wells in Iran have increased by at least 16-fold, while the country’s population has only doubled. The unbridled use of underground water reserves is resulting in many cases of major ground subsidence.

The main reason behind this water crisis is truly the corrupt and destructive policies adopted by the Iranian regime, continuing the Iran-Iraq War and placing the country under sanctions due to a completely unnecessary nuclear program, have all forced the regime to produce food products inside the country at all costs.

This led to numerous well diggings across the country without the necessary scientific research, resulting in a mass plundering of the country’s underground water resources.

More than 70 of Iran’s renewable waters are used for agricultural purposes, of which 80 present is wasted. This adds up to 55 billion cubic meters a year.

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