Vian Mohammadi, Kurdish Activist Prisoner Goes on Hunger Strike

International Liberty Association: Kurdish activist prisoner, Vian Mohammadi has started a hunger strike in the Central Prison of Urmia to protest her illegal detention.A Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad extended the warrant for the detention of this Kurdish activist for another month on 31 May this year. Following the... Read More

Iran: Kurdish citizens arrested for attending Nowruz celebration

International Liberty Association: At least 10 Kurdish citizens in the cities of Marivan, Sanandaj and Saqez have been arrested for participating in Nowruz celebrations in western Iranian cities.At least four of those arrested are from Ney village in the city of Marivan, in Iran’s Kurdistan province near the Iraq border.The state... Read More

Iran: Court OF Appeal Sentenced Kurdish Activist to 5 Years Prison

International Liberty Association: An appeals court has sentenced Kurdish civil activist, Zahra Mohammadi, to five years behind bars. The appeals court was held in October 2020 presided over by Mostafa Tayari, and the verdict has been officially notified to her in recent days.Zahra Mohmmmadi is the director of the Nojin Cultural... Read More

Wave of Arrests in Kurdish Cities – at Least 26 Detained or Summoned this Week

Kurdish Activists International Liberty Association: There was a wave of arrests of Kurdish citizens and activists over the past week in Kurdish cities or cities with Kurdish residents.At least 26 Kurdish citizens were arrested and detained by intelligence agents over the past days in the cities of Mahabad, Marivan, Rabat, Bukan,... Read More

Kurdish Activist Sentenced to 2 Years Behind Bars

Foad Enayati- ILA International Liberty Association: According to the news, Kurdish activist, Foad Enayati, has been sentenced to two years of suspended prison term and 74 lashes by the Branch 104 of Sanandaj Court. The verdict is upheld by the Court of Appeals in the western city of Sanandaj. The flogging sentence against Mr. Enayati was... Read More

Kurdish activist educator arrested in Kermanshah

International Liberty Association: Anisa Jafari-Mehr, a Kurdish activist educator was arrested in the city of Eslamabad-e Gharb, in Kermanshah Province, western Iran.According to the news published on 23 November 2020, intelligence agents raided and ransacked the residence of this Kurdish activist educator without presenting a legal... Read More

Kurdish Mother and her Teenage girl sentenced to imprisonment

International Liberty Association: Teenage Kurdish girl Aynaz Zare’e has been sentenced to five years in prison. The First Branch of the Penal Court of Urmia which specially examines cases of teenagers and minors, sentenced Aynaz Zare’e, 17, to five years in prison on Monday, 16 November 2020. The teenage Kurdish girl Aynaz... Read More

Iran: Shaker Behrouz, Innocent Kurdish Prisoner in Death-row

Shaker Behrouz International Liberty Association: Death-row prisoner Shaker Behrouz is innocent. More than 10 witnesses are prepared to testify in his favour.Kurdish political prisoner Shaker Behrouz is a death-row prisoner detained in the Central Prison of Urmia. The First Branch of the Penal Court in Urmia summoned him for a case in... Read More

Aram Fathi, Civil Activist from Marivan, was Released on Bail

International Liberty Association: According to Civil Rights Activists, a poet and civil activist, Aram Fathi, resident of Marivan, was temporarily released on bail until the end of the court proceedings. Mr. Fathi was arrested on Saturday, 4 January, 2020. He was released temporarily from Marivan Prison on Wednesday, 8... Read More

Kurdish Civil Activist, Zahra Mohammadi, Still in Unknown Condition

Twenty days after detention, the fate of Kurdish civil activist Zahra Mohammadi remains unknown. Zahra Mohammadi, 28, was arrested on 23 May, 2019, by agents of the Intelligence Department of Sanandaj, capital of the Iranian Kurdistan Province. They raided her residence in Nayser Township in Sanandaj. Ms. Mohammadi’s family managed to... Read More

Iran: Civil Activist Facing Five Years Behind Bars

Sahar Kazemi, a Kurdish civil activist, and environmentalist, was sentenced to five years in prison by the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj. Sahar Kazemi is a Kurdish environmental and civil activist and sports coach from Sanandaj capital city of Kurdistan province, western Iran. Over the past two years, she had been summoned several... Read More