Vian Mohammadi, Kurdish Activist Prisoner Goes on Hunger Strike

Vian Mohammadi, Kurdish Activist Prisoner Goes on Hunger Strike

Published by on June 5, 2021

International Liberty Association: Kurdish activist prisoner, Vian Mohammadi has started a hunger strike in the Central Prison of Urmia to protest her illegal detention.
A Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad extended the warrant for the detention of this Kurdish activist for another month on 31 May this year.

Following the deprivation of calling her family, Mrs. Mohammadi started a hunger strike on the same day in the Central Prison of Urmia.

Vian Mohammadi, a management student, was arrested on 30 April.

Security forces initially took her to Evin Prison in Tehran. Subsequently, they returned her to the Detention Centre of the IRGC Intelligence in Urmia, the capital of West Azerbaijan Province in north-western Iran.

Finally, in June, the Detention Centre of the IRGC Intelligence in Urmia released Mrs. Mohammadi after completing her interrogations and sent her to the Central Prison of Urmia.

According to her relatives, Vian Mohammadi was transferred to the quarantine ward on the Urmia Prison, by the prison authorities, on the third day of her hunger strike.

It should be mentioned that, Vian Mohammadi’s husband, Faramarz Mohammadi, was arrested in Tehran in January 2021 during the Intelligence Ministry’s wave of arbitrary arrests of more than 120 Kurdish activists in various cities.

Simultaneous with his arrest, Vian was also summoned to the IRGC Intelligence Organization in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province.

ILA: The hunger strike has turned into the only resort by political prisoners in the Iran prisons, to make their demands heard. This what can be seen as an example in a letter from Qarchak Prison on 11May 2021, Human rights activist, Saba Kord Afshari wrote: “I have been on a hunger strike since 8 May 2021, refusing food and medicine in protest of all the killings, tortures, heartbreaks, and threats that are inflicted not only on political prisoners but also on their families.

It is worth mentioning that, in May alone, five female political prisoners went on hunger strike in Qarchak, Evin, and Mashhad prisons. They were Saba Kord Afshari, Raheleh Ahmadi, Giti Pour-Fazel, Mojgan Kavousi, and Sakineh Parvaneh.

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