New evidence of crimes against humanity committed during November protests in Iran

New evidence of crimes against humanity committed during November protests in Iran

Published by on December 17, 2019

International Liberty Association: According to human rights organisations; More details are leaking out every day on the slaughter of defenseless people and crimes against humanity committed during Iran protests in November.
Recent news and reports from Iran indicate that intelligence agents and security forces fired coup de graces to the wounded protesters taken to Fatemeh Zahra Hospital in Robat Karim, Tehran. An eye-witness whose relative had been wounded during the protests, reported his observations as the following:

“One of our relatives got wounded in the protests. It was around 6 p.m. when I got to Fatemeh Zahra Hospital. Just a few minutes after my arrival, several pickup trucks packed with armed plainclothes agents and several men who were wearing the IRGC uniform, drove in. Initially, they made a lot of noise to terrify everyone and sent people out of the hospital building and into the courtyard. A few minutes later, the hospital’s staffs were also sent out of the building.

The plainclothes agents told people that an armed man had entered the hospital and they were trying to arrest him. They said: There is no need for you to stay here because you might get shot! Some people got scared and left.

Worried, we were standing in the courtyard, when we heard the sound of shootings. It did not take more than a few minutes. Then, they rushed out of the hospital without arresting anyone.

At least, we didn’t see anyone getting arrested. First, the hospital’s staff went inside and then the families. We insisted a lot, but they did not allow us to visit (our patients) until 11 p.m. Before the incident, families had been permitted to visit their patients. Some had seen their children who were awake and had been shot in the arm or leg.

By the end of the night, doctors and nurses told several of those families that their loved ones had died due to anemia, heart failure, internal hemorrhage and other reasons which did not make sense.

We were still waiting when a nurse came to us and told us that the 22-year-old youth who was our relative had also died due to heart failure. His mother and sisters did not believe it. They said, “There must have been some mistake. We saw him with our own eyes that he had been just shot in the leg. How could he die?” But no one was accountable.

After seven days, his family were forced to sign pledges to say that their child had been killed by “thugs.” They were also told that they were not allowed to publicly announce his death or bury him in large cities. It was on these conditions that they received the body.

Initially, they did not allow us to see his face, but his mother was extremely restless. Finally, they let his mother to see his face for a few seconds. The moment they opened the shroud, his mother moaned that he had been shot in the head. But she kept quiet fearing that the agents would prevent his burial. She kissed her son and wept. It was after the burial, when she said that he had been shot in the head. Although he had been shot in the thigh during the protests.”

With the passage of time, we see and hear more of the vicious crackdown on the popular uprising in November and the clerical regime’s massive slaughter of protesters.

Shooting the protesters from point blank range, attacking defenseless people by the axe, machete and knives, targeting pregnant women or children coming back from school, and torturing the protesters to death, … As the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights put it, “the picture now emerging from Iran is extremely disturbing.”

Security forces and plainclothes agents have taken away many of the wounded protesters from hospitals. An eye-witness from Tehran said, “I was speaking to one of my friends who works at Tehran’s Labbafinejd Hospital. He said a very, very large number of persons being brought to the hospital on the nights of November 16 and 17 had been shot in the eye.

They were mostly from Karaj. Security forces took most of them on the same night or the day after before their treatments were completed.”

Reports from various Iranian cities indicate that after arresting, torturing and murdering the youths in recent protests, the IRGC Intelligence threw their bodies into dams and rivers.

Simultaneously, photos and reports have been published in the social media of corpses found in Isfahan’s river, Hamadan’s lake, the river of Karaj and Ahvaz, and the dam in Sanandaj.

Some activists say these youths are from among the protesters arrested during the Iran protests in November. The families of some of those arrested still do not have any information on the fate of their children. They are concerned that the intelligence institutes might commit a crime against their children.

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