Iran: Young Man Tortured to Death in Prison

Iran: Young Man Tortured to Death in Prison

Published by on September 5, 2019

Iranian authorities tortured a young man identified as Javad Khosravanian to death in Fars Province, southwest Iran a few days ago.
The security forces picked up Javad Khosravanian from his home in Khorrambid of Fars Province on Friday, 30 August, 2019.
He was then taken to a criminal investigation department in the city where he was beaten and tortured From 9 am to 6 pm by two agents identified as Akbari and Dehghan.
The agents then took him to the hospital; however, according to the hospital staff in A&E, he was already dead before being taken to the hospital.

According to Iran Human Rights Monitor, a video was put on social media showing bruises and wounds all over the body of Javad Khosravanian, but they cannot independently verify the video.

Khosravanian’s death is not the first mistreatment of prisoners in Iran. Human rights activists have long accused Iranian authorities of gross human rights violations, including depriving political prisoners of their right to access proper legal representation.

Most recently, a 28-year-old detainee identified as Benyamin Alboghbiesh from the Ahvazi Arab minority, was reportedly tortured to death in a detention center in Ahvaz, in southern Iran. Alboghbiesh was arrested on 26 May. Just a month later, on 26 June, his family were informed by an intelligence official believed to be affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards that he had died at a detention center.

During protests that erupted in December 2017, dozens of prisoners were death in Iran prisons while the government claimed that they were drug addicts or had committed suicide.

Many protesters are believed to have been tortured to death in Kahrizak detention centre, and several claim to have been raped. An Iranian doctor who examined the victims of Kahrizak was suspiciously died a few months later on 10 November, 2009. His death was never investigated despite a lawsuit brought by his family.

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