Iran: House Search & Summons for Baha’is

Iran: House Search & Summons for Baha’is

Published by on July 1, 2019

Iran: “House Search & Summons for Baha’is” Iran continues to harass Baha’is, members of a religious minority that has experienced decades of discrimination and suppression Iran.
Recently the security forces inspected the houses of nine Baha’is, in Shahin Shahr, Isfahan Province, in central Iran, which is an example of persecution against the Baha’i religious minority members.
A group of seven agents, who carried out the inspections, confiscated their personal belongings such as their mobile phones, Laptops, tablets, receivers, books, personal photos. In some homes, their ID and work appliances have also been confiscated.

Furthermore, the nine Baha’is along with three others were summoned to the judiciary.

In another report, there is no clear information about three Baha’is – Ardeshir Fanaian, 30, Behnam Eskandarian, 25, and Yalda Firuzian, 20 – arrested nearly two months ago in Semnan.

Their families still have no clear information about their health condition and the prison’s conditions where they are being held, or the charges against them.

But they do know the three Baha’is have been denied the right to a solicitor.

In a short phone call six days after being arrested, Behnam Eskandarian told his family that he had been beaten and asked them to bring two million tomans in cash to the prison. When his family went to the prison, they found that Eskandarian had been transferred from the Intelligence solitary confinement to the prison’s Quarantine Ward, where he was held in the same cell with two crystal meth addicts.

It is worth mentioning that Baha’i students are denied of higher education at the Universities in Iran.

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