Iran: 24 People Executed in January 2020

Iran: 24 People Executed in January 2020

Published by on February 3, 2020

International Liberty Association: According to the reports published by the Iranian state-run press, human rights activists and their websites, 24 people were executed in Iran in January 2020. It showed be mentioned that the government does not revile the accurate number of executions, which is called “Secret Execution” and the actual figures are definitely higher than this. The executions were carried out in various prisons across the country in the cities of Karaj, Isfahan, Amol, Shiraz, Shahre Kord, Urmia, Borujerd, Tabriz, Zanjan, Rasht, Bandar Abbas and Minab.

Based on information collected by this Human Rights Organisation, 19 of those executed including two women were convicted of first-degree murder. The other five were hanged for major narcotics and drug trafficking convictions.

Official figures released by the Iranian regime acknowledge only eight executions, while credible reports indicate an additional 19 cases.

ILA: Iran’s deliberate use of capital punishment has been a constant source of international outrage and condemnation. According to several independent international bodies, including the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran and Amnesty International, Iran is the leading state in executions per capita, second only to China in terms of figures. Iran also tops the charts in the number of executions of minors and juvenile offenders. At least 273 people including nine juvenile offenders and 17 women were executed in 2019.

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