Audio Reveals Navid Afkari Had no Clues About His Execution

Audio Reveals Navid Afkari Had no Clues About His Execution

Published by on September 15, 2020

International Liberty Association: Sadly, we were informed of a two-minute audio recording of Navid Afkari’s last phone call which indicates that he had no information about his imminent execution.
This last phone call has been circulated on social media on Monday, 14 September, yesterday.

Apparently, this is a phone call conversation between Navid Afkari and his brother at 11:23 pm on Friday, 11 September, the night before his execution.
In the phone call, Navid Afkari says that he and his two other brothers, who were held in the basement of Adelabad prison in Shiraz, were told that they would be transferred to Tehran on Saturday morning, 12 September.

The 27-year-old protester explained that he and his two brothers, Vahid and Habib, were examined by the forensics office for signs of torture. He told his brother that “About 10-15 areas (on our bodies) were injured and they wrote it all down.”

In his phone call, when his brother asks him about the name of his torturers, Navid Afkari refers to Khadem al-Hosseini, the head of the prison guard, as a man who tortured him along with several soldiers, and he says if I see them I will recognise them.

Earlier, the state media quoted the director general of forensic medicine in Fars province as saying that Navid Afkari was examined by forensic on September 9 and that “no signs of physical abuse (torture) such as burns, scarring, bone fractures, etc. were observed.”

In another part of the phone call, Navid Afkari says it is not clear to which prison they will be transferred. “God willing everything will turn out okay,” he says.

He sends a message to his family that they should not be worried. “Don’t worry at all about my spirit (emotional state).”

ILA: Navid Afkari’s remark in this conversation shows that he did not have any clues about the implementation of the verdict. The circumstances seemed normal until Friday night, 11 September.

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