Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee Attacked and Threatened to Death.

Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee Attacked and Threatened to Death.

Published by on November 2, 2020

International Liberty Association: Women activist prisoners Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee were once again threatened to death by an ordinary inmate. The woman, hired and provoked by the warden of Qarchak Prison, attacked, and threatened to kill them.

The attack took place on Monday night, 2 November 2020. As prisoners are movements within the wards of Qarchak Prison is tightly restricted, so that the entry of the assailant woman to the ward of activist women prisoners indicates that attack was a premeditated plan.

Other prisoners in the room intervened to separate the hired woman from Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee.

Ms. Safaei suffered a heart stroke on 27 October 2020, after being harassed and intimidated by prison authorities. The deputy warden of Qarchak, a woman, named Mirzaii, and the head of the prison’s workshop, Asgari, collected signatures from 13 ordinary inmates on a letter against civil activist women prisoners, especially Ms. Safaei.

Based on this letter, the warden of Qarchak, Mehdi Mohammadi, prevented Zahra Safaei and other prisoners of conscience detained in the same room from going to the workshop.

Also on 14 September two dangerous criminals (Zeinab Ghanbarnejad and Narges Amir Ali) attacked activist prisoners Forough Taghipour and Parastoo Mo’ini (Zahra Safaei’s daughter) in ward 6. They attempted to pour boiling water on them.

The clerical regime’s aim in transferring political prisoners to ordinary prisons is to murder them at the hand of ordinary inmates. The lives of political prisoners detained in Qarchak Prison are in serious danger as the head of the prison is constantly conspiring against them though hiring dangerous criminals.

ILA, along with other human rights defenders in Iran, urges the United Nations and other authorities and organizations defending human rights to urgently take action to save the lives of female activist and political prisoners and secure their release.

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