Shocking News: 10,000 Medical Staff in Iran Infected with Coronavirus

Shocking News: 10,000 Medical Staff in Iran Infected with Coronavirus

Published by on May 26, 2020
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International Liberty Association: Iran Shocking statistics released by an official of the Ministry of Health indicate that more than 10,000 medical staff in Iran are infected with the Coronavirus. Qassem Janabaei revealed these shocking statistics on 21 May 2020, during a ceremony honouring Iranian doctors and nurses.

Moreover, according to an Iranian official, more than 100 medical and nursing staff have died thus far in the fight against the Coronavirus. The news was announced by Nasrullah Fathian, Coordination Manager at the Coronavirus National Headquarters of Iran.

The death toll among medical staff in Iran is definitely much higher than that.

On 29 February 2020, Iran’s Nurse House Secretary-General, Mohammad Sharifi Moghaddam, announced, “We cannot announce figures concerning the number of infected nurses. Those statistics are completely secret and not provided to anyone. Even the head of the hospital may not have the real statistics of the patients infected with the Coronavirus”

In a recent example, Tasnim, a state-run news agency, reported that a laboratory expert at Fereydunkenar Health Network had died of the Coronavirus. Seyedeh Mahboubeh Amini had been treating patients in the northern city (The state-run Tasnim news agency – 22 May 2020).

Seyedeh Mahboubeh Amini, 36, had been a member of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences and had 10 years of experience.

ILA: The number of Coronavirus patients and related deaths is growing every day. As of Sunday, May 24, 2020, the death toll of Coronavirus victims in 320 cities has exceeded 44000.

The official death toll declared by the government is 7,359, less than a sixth of the actual figure.

ILA: The death tolls in various provinces include:
3,270 in Khuzestan; 3,085 in Razavi Khorasan; 1,315 in Lorestan; 1,050 in Fars; 826 in Kurdistan; 538 in Kerman; and 505 in Qazvin.

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