Iran: Interior Minister demands airing forced confessions of protesters

Iran: Interior Minister demands airing forced confessions of protesters

Published by on December 2, 2019

International Liberty Association: Iran Interior Minister ordered the broadcast of forced “confessions” of recently arrested protesters in Iran.
Speaking to the state-run Channel One TV on November 26, the Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli insisted that those arrested should confess on TV to what they have done during the protests.

Rahmani Fazli declared that people who had key roles in November protests are being arrested, accusing them of having contacts with foreign elements.

International Liberty Association has previously reported that, there have been several reports that detained protesters in various prisons are under torture to make false confession against themselves, including having contact with sources outside of Iran.

A number of detainees have been showcased on state-run TV while a few, including minors, were forced to “confess” to their “crimes” while sobbing for forgiveness.

Human rights groups have said that protesters are under severe torture, especially in the notorious Fashafuyeh prison, in Tehran, with reports of rape, sexual violence and the intentional breaking of bones by IRGC intelligence agents.

Using torture to extract confessions and forcing those detained to take part in television interviews are routine practices under the mullahs’ rule.

Iran’s state TV and radio broadcasting agency, IRIB, works with security and intelligence officials to extract false “confessions” from detainees especially those held on politically motivated allegations.

Iranian TV is known for airing forced confessions which has long been a topic of criticism among international human rights organizations, which have condemned the regime for violating the most basic rights of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners.

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