Iran: 111th Woman Hanged, Despite Mental Disorders

Iran: 111th Woman Hanged, Despite Mental Disorders

Published by on December 28, 2020

International Liberty Association: According to the news that we just received, the Iranian Judiciary had a woman hanged in the Central Prison of Sanandaj in the morning of Sunday, 27 December 2020.
The execution of Zeinab Khodamoradi has not been announced by the state media in Iran as this news is being published.

The woman hanged was identified as Zeinab Khodamoradi, 43 from the city of Qorveh. She had been imprisoned for five years. She suffered from mental imbalance and nervous disorder. Her family did not afford to pay 700 million Tomans set as blood money for the victims, sending her to the gallows.

Zeinab Khodamoradi is the 111th woman to be executed during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani. This is the second woman executed this December.

ILA had previously reported that, the 110th woman was executed in the Sepidar Prison of Ahvaz, capital of southwestern Province of Khuzestan.
It should be mentioned that, More than 4300 people have been executed in Iran during Rouhani’s ruling the country. They include 111 women.

The actual number of executions and particularly the execution of women is much higher. Iran carries out most executions in secret and out of the public eye. No witnesses are present at the time of execution but those who carry them out.

Iran holds the record of the world’s top executioner with the highest number of citizens executed per capita. Iran also holds the world’s record of top executioner of women. These executions are cruelly unjust.

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