Health of Fatemeh Mosanna Deteriorating in Evin Prison

Health of Fatemeh Mosanna Deteriorating in Evin Prison

Published by on October 23, 2020

International Liberty Association: according to the reports from Evin prison, the health of human rights activist prisoner Fatemeh Mosanna held at women’s ward of Evin Prison is deteriorating and the authorities have deprived her of adequate medical treatment.

Fatemeh Mosana’s health condition deteriorated on 17 October due to an intestinal infection she developed from prison conditions.
The prison’s doctors have said that they cannot do anything to treat her in prison and that she must be sent to a hospital outside prison.

However, the prison authorities do not take the necessary measures to treat her and refuse to send Fatemeh Mosanna to the hospital.

The political prisoner lost her consciousness on 19 August in the women’s ward of the notorious Evin Prison. She was transferred out to Tehran’s Taleghani Hospital where her limbs were cuffed to the bed throughout her stay. She was deprived of visiting her relatives while in hospital.

Ms. Mosannad was returned to the quarantine ward of Evin Prison a few days later without her treatment being completed. Her doctor had opposed her return because her test results were not ready yet and her treatment was incomplete.

ILA: Ms. Mosanna had been granted leave on bail on 31 March 2020 because of her health conditions. However, agents of the Prosecutor’s Office went to her home without prior notice on 6 May 2020, handcuffed and violently took her back to Evin Prison in front of her children.

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