After Eight Months, Two Well-known Detained Students, Denied Legal Counsel

After Eight Months, Two Well-known Detained Students, Denied Legal Counsel

Published by on November 4, 2020

International Liberty Association: The lawyer of Ali Younesi and Amir Hossein Moradi, who were both violently arrested by the security forces in April 2020, says the Iran judiciary officials continue to prevent the two students from access to attorney.
Attorney Mostafa Nili said on Tuesday, 4 November that the overseeing assistance prosecutor in prison is preventing the students from power of attorney claiming they need the court’s approval in order to hire their attorney.

International law guarantees anyone accused of a crime access to a lawyer at all stages of criminal proceedings, including during the investigation, the pre-trial proceedings, and during the trial itself.

Under Article 1 of the UN basic principles of the role of a lawyer, “All persons are entitled to call upon the assistance of a lawyer of their choice to protect and establish their rights and to defend them in all stages of criminal proceedings”.

Nili had previously said that the court had appointed judiciary-approved lawyers for the two detained students.

ILA: During the past months only the judiciary-appointed lawyers have been given access to some part of the files for the two students and those lawyers have not shared any information with the families, and lawyers hired by the families of the two have not been allowed any access to the case files at all.

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