Young woman, 32, was hanged in Mashhad after 6 years on the death row

women executed during Rouhani’s tenure reaches 106 International Liberty Association: A young woman was executed on 2 August 2020, in the Central Prison of Mashhad, the state-run media reported today. The woman identified only by her first name, Mehri, had already served six years on the death row.According to the state-run Khorasan... Read More

Social Activist Sentenced To 24 Years Imprisonment for Protesting Compulsory Hijab

ran sentenced Saba Kord Afshari, a civil activist to 24 years behind bars of which she will serve 15 for protesting compulsory veiling. Saba Kord Afshari was tried on 19 August, 2019, and was charged with “spreading corruption and prostitution by taking off her hijab and walking without a veil,” “Propaganda against the state,”... Read More