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Stop Executions in Iran

28th January 2016 @ 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm GMT

WILLIAM: I would like to thank the helpers here at the office for all the very hard work they do all year to bring about a harmonious Iran without the Mullahs which the world needs more than ever. Through the refugees who have flooded in to Europe because of the fighting in Syria, the world has this year had its attention directed towards thinking about where this instability is coming from. Practically no news report now is not dealing with ways of solving the Middle Eastern conflicts. As our politicians have sought to appease the Mullahs of Iran and played down the significance of the Iranian resistance movement, it is becoming apparent to all that Iran, Hezbollah, Bashar Al Assad and the Russian support for Iran is the main cause of conflict in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Iran’s continual destabilisation of all the countries which surround it mean that until the regime of the Mullahs has been overthrown; there can be no peace and stability in the whole region. By encouraging terrorist behaviour the Mullahs have enabled fundamentalist groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and many other extreme Jihadist groups to pretend through violence that they have a right to rule in the countries of the area. Any kind of moderate, pluralistic, tolerant, democratic and modern government cannot function in this atmosphere of insanity. The most meaningful message of Christmas is about the birth inside the heart of humanity of a loving relationship towards one’s fellow beings so that we can nurture them towards the harmonious goals they already aspire to. The negativity and destructiveness of history is destined to give way to this new heart of humanity (which was always there seeking to come into being) which seeks to love, give and serve without inflicting harm on others. Terrorising, manipulating, forcing, controlling are all dark methods from the past which must be superseded. The significance of the birth of Christ is the arising in the heart of man of love and goodness, generosity of spirit and kindness. This organisation has done a huge amount to bring forward this spirit. The future cannot work if this spirit is not widespread. Just as Human Rights need daily observance, whenever we distribute goodness, kindness and love, the Christ child can grow and make the earth radiate as was intended.

Photo_10_London-5JOHN: I never fail to be fascinated and impressed by you and the people in Liberty. It is wonderful that they respond so positively, defiantly to the shocking assaults upon them. They are indeed a light in a world full of darkness. Our brothers and sisters in Liberty are the best of mankind. Their spirit is an example to all. It is my conviction that the mullahs cannot maintain their grip, through terror, much longer.

HUGH: Thank you for your recent very informative and inspiring newsletter – and also of course for your wonderful hospitality at the gathering in London in November a few days after the latest appalling massacre in Camp Liberty. The resilience and bravery of the residents of Camp Liberty is truly inspirational, which we all recognised when we watched the films of the residents’ musical response to the attack amongst the wreckage of the destroyed buildings, and also their tribute to those killed in Paris so recently. Similarly, we marvelled at the cheerful courage of the residents as we listened to the telephone conversation – wonders of technology and wonders of the human spirit! Very best wishes for 2016 – for moves towards peaceful resettlements in the Middle East and for the end of torture, executions and tyranny in Iran.

Photo_10_London-3SHIRLEY: Thank you for your latest bulletin. Your positive approach is amazing and very encouraging. The horrors of the Middle East seem to increase & I cannot understand why our government & press/TV make no mention of the relationship with Iran. For the first time I did hear one mention a week or so ago. So thanks for keeping us informed. I pray for your all.





28th January 2016
5:00 pm - 8:30 pm GMT


Unnamed Venue
London, United Kingdom + Google Map


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