This is only a sample email which gives you an idea about the concept and what needs to be said. Please write to the Foreign Secretary in your own words.

Honourable Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom

Your Excellency,

As you know, the mainstream media is covering news about widespread peaceful protests which have commenced and continued for the past 4 days throughout Iran.

We hear that what triggered the demonstrations was poverty, high prices, unemployment and mismanagement by the government. The Iranian people want a government that improves their life.

But unfortunately there are numerous reports about violent suppression and crackdown on these protesters which has led to several deaths and injuries among them.

UK has always been a leading actor in protecting civil rights and freedom of speech as well as freedom of gatherings. These are the most fundamental rights a human being should benefit from.

As a UK citizen I would like to express my concern over the use of excessive force by the government forces in Iran against demonstrators.

These are defenceless citizens and their lives are in danger. Families of the captured are extremely concerned about the fate of their loved ones.

I would like to express my gratitude for your words of concern in your recent statement on twitter; however, I would like to urge you to go a step further in your support for freedom of speech and protest by condemning the suppression of defenceless protesters. Please make it clear that you stand with the Iranian people in their plight.

I urge you to also take the matter to the UN Security Council to hold Iran’s current leaders accountable for their act of violence against demonstrators.

Sincerely yours,