Defending Women’s Rights

Iranian women face legal oppression, including strict dress codes and cruel punishments. They endure systematic violence, constitutional subjugation, and personal tragedies, all while demonstrating remarkable resilience.
ILA amplifies the voices of Iranian women globally, provides education to empower them, and utilizes satellite transmissions to break censorship, exposing the regime's oppression.
ILA supports educational programs, providing women with knowledge and resources to navigate their circumstances, fostering resilience and empowering them to stand against injustice.
ILA employs a holistic empowerment strategy, combining legal advocacy, global awareness,events, campaigns, major conferences and meetings in addition to various forms of education. We amplify personal stories, humanizing the struggle, and promote long-term systemic change.
Personal stories highlight the human cost of the regime’s brutality. By sharing these narratives, ILA humanizes the struggle, inspiring collective action and solidarity worldwide.
ILA uses satellite transmissions to break through censorship barriers, exposing the realities of misogyny in Iran to the world, promoting equality, and challenging oppressive policies.
ILA amplifies voices, educates globally, and advocates for systemic changes in policies and attitudes towards women in Iran, aiming to create a future free from oppression and fear.
Systematic violence includes physical, mental, economic, and political violence perpetrated against Iranian women, reflecting the oppressive nature of the regime.
Global awareness sheds light on the plight of Iranian women, fostering international support and pressuring for change. It also empowers women by showing them they are not alone in their struggle.
ILA advocates for lasting societal transformation, pushing for systemic changes in policies and attitudes to create a future where Iranian women can live free from oppression and fear.