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  • Overview of the International Liberty Association and its mission.
  • Get in Touch Invitation to connect and engage with the International Liberty Association.
  • Lack of Justice Overview of Iran’s brutal judicial system and the need to end human rights abuses.
  • Child Marriage Addresses laws condoning child marriage and its impact on women and children.
  • 1988 Massacre Details the orchestrated massacre in 1988 and the call for accountability.
  • Women in Iran Highlights ongoing discrimination and oppression against women in Iran.
  • ILA Meetings and Conferences - a glimpse of gatherings addressing the dangers in the Middle East.
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  • Useful Links - quick access to reports, bulletins, cultural content, and a gallery.
  • Report Link to report human rights violations.
  • Bulletin - access to the organization's bulletin for news and updates.
  • Culture - cultural content related to the cause.
The "Campaigns" page provides details about ILA's efforts in challenging injustice, defending freedom, and campaigning to end human rights abuses.

We address a spectrum of issues:-

  • Stop Executions in Iran
  • Promote Children's Rights
  • Defend Women's Rights - information on efforts to address discrimination and oppression against women.
  • Call For Justice (1988 Massacre) - highlights the call for justice regarding the 1988 Massacre.
  • Support Rights of Religious Minorities in Iran.
The 'Urgent Appeals' section has a focus on saving lives of protesters detained in Iran since 2021 and the international campaigns to achieve that.
ILA's latest newsletter can be downloaded directly from the 'Newsletter Download' section.
ILA's Crowdfunding initiatives can be found on the 'Raise Funds for Us' page.
Useful Links with Quick access to Useful Links there are links to various resources:-
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