Save Prisoners of 2022-2023 Protests

The September 2022 protests in Iran were sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, killed by the ‘’morality police’’. Over 750 protesters, including 71 children, were killed during the suppressive actions. The latest victims has been the 16 year old girl Armita Geravand, who was beaten and spent 3 weeks in Coma before passing away.
Women are spearheading the protests in Iran despite suppression. The misogynist regime aims pellet guns at women’s eyes and faces, gives heavier prison terms, inflicts torture and rape. Women and girls also face targeted suppression on the streets, expulsion from work or education, and poisoning schemes in schools.
ILA’s urgent actions include gathering information on prisoners and victims, organizing daily meetings, conferences, and events, raising awareness through media, satellite broadcasts, and involving international human rights bodies. These efforts, in collaboration with international bodies, have halted hundreds of executions and released thousands of prisoners of conscience.
Brave individuals like rapper and musician Toomaj Salehi, and courageous reporters such as Ms Elaheh Mohammadi, and Ms Niloufar Hamedi have been arrested for their activism. ILA raises urgent actions for them and their families, echoing their voices and instilling hope for both the individuals and society.
ILA has worked with countless Iranian communities worldwide in addition to dozens of human rights entities and NGO’s. Through these joint efforts we have garnered support from over 3600 Parliamentarians from 40 countries, 75 Nobel Laureates, International Jurists, heads of war tribunals, and former heads of state. This global solidarity bridges gaps, fosters understanding, encourages worldwide action, and supports the human impact of the Iran protests.
ILA combines personal narratives with international campaigns, creating a powerful global movement of solidarity. This approach generates urgent calls to action, saving countless lives and seeking justice for families of young girls like Nika Shahkarami and Hadis Najafi, giving their families a global voice to prevent more loss of life.
The September 2022-2023 protests in Iran continue to this day. Despite the suppressive measures, the protests have evolved, with women leading the movement for change and facing ongoing suppression from the regime.
The misogynist regime in Iran targets women far more harsh then men. By aiming pellet guns at their eyes and faces, imposing heavier prison terms, and inflicting torture and rape. Women and girls also face targeted suppression on the streets, expulsion from work or education, and schemes involving poisoning in schools.
ILA uses various methods, including (social) media, satellite broadcasts, publications, and involvement with international human rights bodies, to raise awareness and garner global support for the human rights crisis in Iran.
There are many examples. One such example is Nika Shahkarami (16), who was murdered due to the suppressive measures. Hadis Najafi (22) was yet another. A young boy called Kumar in the Kurdish provinces and a young man called Khodanur in Baluchistan were murdered. In September 2023 Late September 2023, once again, Ms Armita Geravand, a girl 16 years of age, was killed and hospitalised in coma due to beatings of the morality police. She died 3 weeks later. ILA works to give families like theirs a global voice, and those campaigining in Iran seeking justice for these victims to have a platform. Highlighting all these are preventing further loss of life through our advocacy efforts.