About Us

ILA, a UK charity with Registration Number 1160607, is dedicated to advancing human rights in Iran and the Middle East.
ILA supports individuals persecuted for their beliefs, including political, religious, gender-related, or deeply held convictions, with a focus on the most vulnerable. Efforts involve actively campaigning, advocating for prisoners of conscience and minority groups, seeking justice for historical atrocities, empowering women through education, combating child marriages, and opposing child soldier recruitment.
Every act of kindness and shared human value strengthens ILA's mission, expanding their network and fostering solidarity among jurists, human rights groups, Nobel Laureates, UN bodies, and political leaders committed to working together for human rights and saving lives.
Individuals can join, donate, engage in campaigns, or offer support in any way they can, as ILA emphasizes the collective effort needed to achieve their goals.
By joining the ILA community and supporting its initiatives, individuals directly impact life-saving campaigns, including efforts to stop executions, liberate prisoners of conscience, and empower marginalized groups.
ILA diligently gathers vital information about victims, detainees, their families, activists, women, child soldiers, and child labourers in Iran.
ILA's grassroots efforts involve community engagement, petition campaigns, letter writing, and the organization of meetings, demonstrations, events, and grand gatherings to amplify the voices of those in need.
ILA exposes the regime's crimes and atrocities through publications, satellite broadcasts, and social media, utilizing an extensive global network to ensure information flows freely, bypassing censorship, and uniting people in growing campaigns.
ILA engages, informs, and collaborates with global human rights organizations and UN working groups. Their outreach extends to thousands of lawmakers, politicians, and dignitaries, transcending differences to unite voices and save lives.
ILA believes in collaborating globally to transcend differences, unite voices, and save lives by engaging with human rights organizations, UN working groups, lawmakers, politicians, and dignitaries across diverse social and cultural strata.