Woman Prisoner, Zahra Safaei, in Dire Health Conditions in Prison

Woman Prisoner, Zahra Safaei, in Dire Health Conditions in Prison

Published by on February 3, 2021

International Liberty Association: News from Qarchak Prison of Varamin indicate political prisoner Zahra Safaei is in dire health conditions, as the prison’s warden, Soghra Khodadadi has prevented her urgent dispatch to a civic hospital.
Reports on Tuesday, 3 February 2021, indicated that the health of Zahra Safaei is rapidly deteriorating. She is experiencing severe pain in the kidneys which discharge protein. She needs to be urgently visited by a doctor at a hospital and receive treatment.

But Soghra Khodadadi, the notorious warden of Qarchak, has told her that she would not allow her dispatch to any facility outside the prison compound, until her sentence is issued.

It should be mentioned that, an informed source said Mrs. Safaei is very ill and is not able to tolerate prison conditions. She must be urgently taken to hospital, the source added.

ILA: Zahra Safaei has been repeatedly attacked by inmates hired by Qarchak Prison authorities. Her life is in grave danger as this political prisoner is being detained among prisoners convicted of violent crimes in violation of the principle of separation of different categories of crimes.

In addition, this woman prisoner Zahra Safaei suffered a heart stroke on 27 October 2020, after being harassed and intimidated by prison authorities.

Mrs. Safaei was also hit hard on the head by batons during a violent raid on 13 December 2021, when 20 prison guards broke into ward 8 and brutalized all political prisoners.

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