Protest in Iran, November 2019

A day after the Iran government announced a hike in fuel prices by as much as 300%, demonstrators came to the streets on Friday, 15 November. Iran used military forces against the peaceful protesters and according to the Reuters, the officials have confirmed that in less than a week, 1500 were killed, also 4000 wounded and 12000 arrested. It should be mentioned that for sometimes around 7 days or more the government shutdown the internet to halt the flow of information out of the country.

so that, we are running an urgent appeal to be the voice of the protesters, the family of the victims, prisoners of recent peaceful protests, and those wounded protesters who have to stay at their home and have no access to hospitals as otherwise they will be arrested at hospitals.

We are trying to get information from inside the country and publicizes them. prevent more massacre, rescue the prisoners who are under torture and “Inhuman behaviors”, by highlighting the news and their conditions and urge the international Human Rights organisations to put pressure on Iran government to respect their rights.

For more information, please read our appeal, below;

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