The deprived people are taking part in demonstrations across Iran. It has been going on for days and the protesters have no plan to stop. They have pledged to do this every day until freedom and rule of law is restored in the country that has been ruled by despots claiming their mandate is given by God.

Obviously, as all despots do, the regime is planning an all out crackdown. Already Internet is restricted and bloggers are being arrested. We need your help to be able to echo the voice of the voiceless Iranian people desperate for basic human rights and freedoms that we take for granted. Your contribution to this campaign acts as new blood in our vein. Please click here to make a donation.

Also we need your voice to be added to those in Iran. Please write to the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, and ask him to take a firm stance in defence of the most basic right of the people of Iran; the right to freedom of expression.

You can find here a sample letter that gives you an idea of what needs to be said. Please use your own words when writing to the Foreign Secretary.

His email is

Please also send carbon copies (cc) to:

and to Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP email: