Three Sunni prisoners were convicted after 9 years

Three Sunni prisoners were convicted after 9 years

Published by on July 9, 2018

Three Sunni prisoners were sentenced to death and 20 years imprisonment, after 9 years remain in a state of uncertainty.

They have been held in Uromieh prison since 2009, and their verdict was communicated to them on 8th July. Kamran Sheikheh is sentenced to death, and Anvar Khezri along with Khosro Besharat were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each of them.

They have got their verdicts of death and imprisonment after 9 years being held in unknown condition, while they had no chance to have their selected lawyer and could not defend themselves.

It worth mentioning that, there are 4 others co-defendants of these prisoners, who are still hold in uncertainty condition.

These prisoners claim that they were tortured during the interrogations, and they believe that the reason of their arrest and sentence is their beliefs and activities such as attending religious meetings and distributing religious books.

They have protested against their condition for several times in different ways such as hunger strike, and this condition has affected them and has caused severe mental and psychological conditions for them and their families.

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