Three Brothers’ Death, Lashes, Prison Sentences for Participating in August Protests

Three Brothers’ Death, Lashes, Prison Sentences for Participating in August Protests

Published by on September 1, 2020
Afkari Brothers

International Liberty Association: A revolutionary court in Shiraz has sentenced three brothers to death, lashes and imprisonment for participating at a nationwide protest in Iran, in August 2018.
One of the brothers has been sentenced to two times executions, prison, and lashes while two of his brothers were sentenced to overall 81 years of prison and lashes.

These three brothers were arrested for taking part in nationwide protests in August 2018.

Navid Afkari Sangari, 27, has received two death sentences, six years and six months of prison, and 74 lashes for participating at August protests in Iran and accusation of the murder of a security agent, for suppressing the protests.

His 35-year-old brother Vahid was sentenced to 54 years and six months of prison and 74 lashes, for complicity in murder while the third brother, 29-year-old Habib, was sentenced to 27 years and three months of prison, and 74 lashes.

The Supreme Court rejected their appeal and has upheld the sentences against them.

ILA: A source close to the brothers, the judiciary deemed the participation of all three brothers in August protests as the organization of a group.
The source said that they were charged with playing active roles in the Kazerun and Shiraz protests in August 2018.

It should be mentioned that Navid Afkari, is a wrestling champion with no criminal record.

Navid and Vahid Afkari were brutally tortured by the notorious Shiraz Intelligence Police to make forced confessions, and also Habib was deprived of lawyer”.

Eyewitness accounts of the torture and beatings have been included in their dossier but were ignored in court.

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