The Free Iran Gathering

The Free Iran Gathering

Published by on July 2, 2018

People and Human Rights activists inside Iran showed their solidarity with the Free Iran Gathering by writing slogans and posting posters on walls in different cities in Iran.

Every year in June, since 2004, Iranians travel across the world for an annual convention hosted by The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Paris, to show their solidarity with Iranian inside Iran and Iranian thirst for freedom and democracy. This gathering is known as “Galaxy”, which includes human rights and democracy activists, hundreds of global dignitaries, from Members of Parliament and Congressional Representatives, to various leaders from the European Union to the Arab world. The main massage of this every year gathering is the same: Demanding Democracy and Freedom, respecting Human Rights.

The Free Iran Gathering this year is especially important because, it was held against the people’s protests across Iran. Since last December, more than 142 cities in Iran have been witness of protests and uprisings. The protests have been held by teachers, lorry drivers, Tehran’s bazzar and other cities shop owners. The slogans, which had initially aimed financial corruption and economic mismanagement, became political and targeted the Iranian regime.

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