The annual Christmas fair and market at the Ararat Club in Tehran was Cancelled

The annual Christmas fair and market at the Ararat Club in Tehran was Cancelled

Published by on December 26, 2019

International Liberty Association: According to minority religious news agency, the annual Christmas fair and market at Tehran’s Ararat Club has been cancelled.
The report indicates that, every year on Christmas Eve, a group of Christian citizens greeted the New Year with a marketplace in the Ararat complex near Vanak Square, and Christmas and national celebrations served as a pretext for attracting customers and limited business prosperity. Some vendors even offered their products in this market.

In a situation where the economy is declining and the business market is sluggish due to the policies of the Islamic Republic, and the senior executives of the system in various trades only worsen the situation and make the lives of the working people harder, this cancellation for preventing “Christian propaganda” is an irrational decision.

The cancellation of the market, which is a clear sign of discrimination and inequality, has received widespread criticism in the Armenian community, one of whom was the editor of the old and the familiar newspaper called Alik. He wrote in an article on December 12 that officials at Ararat Club cancelled the exhibition, which was restricted to Armenians only, to prevent exhibitors’ losses.

He also referred to damages resulting from the cancellation and explained that not issuing allowance caused these damages for exhibitors and those who planned to attend the exhibition, both Armenian and non-Armenian.
“What was it like for Armenian and non-Armenian citizens and visitors to be side-by-side in the exhibition environment? Don’t these exhibitions resemble the goodwill of the Armenian Caliphate Council and the Supreme Archdiocese in providing Iftar, held annually during Ramadan, with the presence of government elites and officials? Have not these exhibitions been a sign of solidarity and friendship between Armenian and non- Armenian citizens?

According to him, the cancellation of the exhibition is a violation of the citizenship charter that Hassan Rouhani has emphasized.
Government officials repeatedly pledged funds to Armenian cultural and sports authorities, but failed to deliver on promises.

Alik’s editor concludes, “Not funding or preventing such revenue generating events and programs is what should be on the agenda of Armenian community officials or Armenian representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Every year on the eve of Christmas, pressure on the Iranian Christian community by various government agencies is increasing, including arresting Christian activists, obstructing the business of Christian sellers, even those who sell Christmas decorations!. In fact, as their representatives fill their pockets in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Christian compatriots are subject to double discrimination, whether in the labor market, employment, job position or in violating their right to run private businesses.

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