Mom and Her 2 Children Sentenced to 20 years in prison

International Liberty Association: According to an informed source, Zahra Safaei, her daughter Prastoo Moeini, and her son Mohammad Masoud Moini were sentenced by the Branch 23 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court presided over by judge Mohammad Mehdi Shahmirzadi. Zahra Safaei has been sentenced to five years for “assembly and... Read More

Woman Prisoner, Zahra Safaei, in Dire Health Conditions in Prison

International Liberty Association: News from Qarchak Prison of Varamin indicate political prisoner Zahra Safaei is in dire health conditions, as the prison’s warden, Soghra Khodadadi has prevented her urgent dispatch to a civic hospital.Reports on Tuesday, 3 February 2021, indicated that the health of Zahra Safaei is rapidly... Read More

Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee Attacked and Threatened to Death.

International Liberty Association: Women activist prisoners Zahra Safaei and Golrokh Iraee were once again threatened to death by an ordinary inmate. The woman, hired and provoked by the warden of Qarchak Prison, attacked, and threatened to kill them. The attack took place on Monday night, 2 November 2020. As prisoners are movements... Read More

Civil Activist Prisoner Suffers Heart Attack after Being Harassed and Mistreated

Qarchak Prison International Liberty Association: After being harassed and mistreated by Qarchak Prison officials, Zahra Safaei had a heart stroke. She was taken to the prison’s dispensary but quickly returned to the ward after a brief examination. According to the reports on 27 October 2020, Mr Mirzaii, the deputy warden of Qarchak... Read More