At Least 21 Iranian Kolbars Shot Dead by IRGC within Five Months

International Liberty Association: Based on information compiled by the Iran human rights organisations, at least 21 porters (or back carriers) have been shot dead by revolutionary guards since 20 March 2020.This is an average of four porters per month and one porter every week getting killed by the IRGC. This figure does not include... Read More

Soheil Arabi, Jaild Journalist, returns after 6 days of IRGC interrogation

International Liberty Association: Soheil Arabi was returned to the Greater Tehran Penitentiary from the IRGC’s detention centre.In response to the threats made by his interrogators to silence him, Soheil Arabi said: “This is the era of communications. It is not the 1980s when you executed thousands of people and nobody found out.... Read More

Iran: IRGC Extort Earthquake-stricken women in cold winter

Iran: Earthquake International Liberty Association: Earthquake-stricken women have been left without tents in the cold winter months in West Azerbaijan Province. Instead of helping the people, the IRGC extorted 35,000 tomans for one tent a night. Earthquake-stricken women in rural areas have so far received no help from the Red Crescent... Read More

Iran: Security Forces attack peaceful Tehran student rally

International Liberty Association: Iranian security forces attacked a peaceful student rally today at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University of Technology. The rally was organized by students to mark the 40th day of the death of the 176 victims of Ukrainian international flight, shot down by Iran in early January. Hundreds of students gathered... Read More

Iran: Interior Minister demands airing forced confessions of protesters

International Liberty Association: Iran Interior Minister ordered the broadcast of forced “confessions” of recently arrested protesters in Iran. Speaking to the state-run Channel One TV on November 26, the Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli insisted that those arrested should confess on TV to what they have done during the... Read More