Aid is not reaching victims of flood in southeast Iran

ILA: flood in southeast Iran International Liberty Association: Heavy floods in Sistan and Baluchestan, an already underdeveloped province in south-east of Iran, as well as two adjacent provinces have so far killed four, wounded several, and displaced thousands of others, since early January. The severe rainfall and flooding blocked... Read More

Iran Villages in Khuzestan surrounded by floods, While no sign of state relief

More cities, towns, and villages, especially in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, are reporting flood conditions on Tuesday and locals are complaining of receiving no state relief. Floodwaters are making road conditions very dangerous. A bus has reportedly tipped over on the Ahvaz-Shush road as the driver could not see the road... Read More

Iran Arrests Arab Activists for Providing Relief to Flood Victims

Security forces arrested two residents of a village in the south-western province of Khuzestan for providing aid to the flood survivors. These two, who were taken to an unknown location, have been identified as Ahmad and Yaghoub Ka’bi, residents of Guorieh Village. Ahmad Ka’bi and Yaghoub Ka’bi were working with an aid group in... Read More

Devastating Floods in Western Iran

Flood stricken western province of Lorestan faces “disaster” with the lives of tens of thousands of the people being destroyed. Many homeless locals are forced into open fields with little food or warm cloths to endure the cold and wet weather. Reports indicate 150,000 people in 620 villages of Lorestan are lacking even... Read More