Suspected of cancer prisoner is denied medical treatment

Suspected of cancer prisoner is denied medical treatment

Published by on February 16, 2021
Masoumeh Senobari

International Liberty Association: Political prisoner, Masoumeh Senobari was prevented medical treatment, by the authorities of the Central Prison of Tabriz. She has developed cancerous mass in her breast while being interrogated under vicious torture. Presently, she suffers from severe pain and is suspected of breast cancer.

An informed source says about Masoumeh Senobari: “The situation in the clinic of the Prison of Tabriz is not good. There is only one nurse and a doctor visits this prison only once a week but does not do anything for the inmates.”

Masoumeh Senobari was told by a medical team that visited this prison some time ago, that she had developed a mass in her breast because of the tortures she underwent, and that she was suspected of having cancer. They told her that she needed urgent ultrasound and treatment, but prison authorities have refrained from providing any care to her.

She was first told that she would not be taken for treatment for the time being. After several times that she followed up on her case, she was told that she should pay the expenses. When her family collected the needed amount of money, again, the Tabriz Prison authorities prevented her from receiving treatment. They said she must be re-examined.

ILA: Ms. Senobari’s family are not permitted to send her medicine while she already suffers from serious pain in the chest which does not allow her to sleep at nights. The medications given to her in prison are tablets like methadone, sleeping pills or sedatives.

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