Statement by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Iran

Statement by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Iran

Published by on March 2, 2020
Michelle Bachelet-ILA

International Liberty Association: Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, gave a statement on Human Rights situation in Iran.
Michelle Bachelet started her report: “I am honoured to present reports by the Secretary General and my Office regarding the human rights situations in Colombia, Cyprus, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, and Sri Lanka. I will also briefly update the Council on the situations in Eritrea, Nicaragua and Yemen, as well as our technical cooperation in Venezuela.”

She continued: “I move now to the report of the Secretary-General on Iran (A/HRC/43/20), and refer you to the section on the death penalty, including for child offenders. While the Secretary-General notes Government efforts to address this issue, including constructive engagement with my Office, he reiterates calls for the strict prohibition of the death penalty against child offenders.”

“The report also highlights discrimination against women and minorities, as well as the arrest, imprisonment and ill-treatment of human rights defenders, labour rights activists, journalists, scientists, environmentalists and dual and foreign nationals. Recent court decisions confirm that women’s rights defenders and labour rights activists continue to be sentenced to harsh sentences for peaceful assembly and human rights advocacy. Cases of torture, arbitrary detention, and unfair trials continue to be reported.”

“The report notes the impact of sectoral sanctions on the availability of essential medicines and medical equipment, as well as on food prices. Banking restrictions are impeding UN humanitarian and development operations, with a negative impact on the most vulnerable: women, children, low-income families, victims of natural disasters, migrants and refugees.”

Since the report was finalized, security forces have responded to the nation-wide November 2019 protests with excessive force, and in some cases live ammunition, reportedly causing over 300 deaths.” “Over 7,000 protesters have been arrested; many remain in detention and are denied access to medical care and legal representation, with some reportedly subjected to torture and other ill-treatment. Although the Government has informed the Office that a Committee will investigate these allegations, no further information has been provided.”

“In Iraq, live ammunition has repeatedly been used against unarmed protestors, resulting in over 450 deaths since October. Security forces have also detained thousands of people in the context of protests, without regard to due process; some have reportedly suffered ill-treatment.” “Unresolved political and economic grievances lie at the heart of the current wave of protests, and I encourage the Government to meaningfully address these demands instead of responding with violence.”

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