Six Members of Baha’i Community were arrested in Iran

Six Members of Baha’i Community were arrested in Iran

Published by on September 19, 2018

Six members of Iran’s Baha’i community were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence agents in the city of Shiraz, south central Iran on 15 & 16 September.

They were identified as Soudabeh Haghighat, Navid Bazmandegan, Bahareh Ghaderi, Elaheh Samizadeh, Ehsan Mahboub Rahvafa and Noura Pourmoradian.

Ministry of Intelligence agents raided the class of Navid Bazmandegan, confiscating the student’s IDs, mobile phones, computers, forcing them to give their passwords.

The students were forced to sign some papers with their fingerprints before they read the content.
The agents then took Navid Bazmandegan to his home and searched his home and then took him along with his wife, Bahareh Ghaderi, without specifying any charges.

Navid Bazmandegan and Bahareh Ghaderi have a 3-year old daughter, Darya, who is struggling with cancer.

Elaheh Samizadeh and Ehsan Mahboub were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. They were both transferred to Intelligence Office detention centre in Shiraz.

Noura Moradian called her family informing them that she has been taken to Intelligence Office detention centre.

Soudabeh Haghighat who recently lost her mother and was planning her funeral, was arrested on Sunday 16 September.

Baha’is in Iran face Iranian regime harassment and discrimination and their faith is not officially recognized. In past years, many Baha’is have been banned from higher education and their businesses have been shut down. Many have been persecuted for their religious beliefs.

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